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JF590: He's 19 and Closed His First Deal Before High School Graduation, Nine Months Later $190,000!

He closed his first deal in high school, and the rest is history! He tried his hand at network marketing and decided to attend a rich dad poor dad seminar, and since the last nine months has totaled an income of over $190,000! This is a no excuse show! He's only 19 and is doing business that the pros do! Tune in!

Best Ever Tweet:

It's easy to do your first deal, it's a whole other ball game to continue in business.

Jaelin White real estate background:

  • Based in Phoenix, Arizona and does deals in Memphis and Phoenix
  • Closed first deal 2 days before you graduated high school and made $12,000
  • Since then he has closed over 15 deals as a wholesaler is close to
  • Has made $190,000 in nine months as a wholesaler
  • His Best Ever book: Traction by Gino Wickman

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