Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF615: How These Two TURN ON the Leads When Direct Mail is Slow

They began young, and extremely ambitious! Beginning in a California market is like jumping into the ring with Mike Tyson...overwhelming! They share their success within their solid network, SEO, and positive mindset. Hear how they are doing it!

Best Ever Tweet:

Stay calm, cool, and collected.

Adam and Josh Justiniano real esate background:

  • Brothers started investing at 21 and 23 years old and have closed on over 50 deals in under 3 years…while one of them is still going to college at Cal State Northridge
  • Bought 6 properties in the last 10 months as buy-and-holds
  • Done 2 flips and have a duplex in Oxnard, California as 3rd flip
  • Say hi to them at
  • Their Best Ever book: Spin Selling by Neil Rackham

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