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JF789: What it Takes to Be an Empowered Startup Founder #SkillsetSunday

Have an idea or the drive to get your business up and running? Do you have both? You're about to hear what it takes to be a founder and stay in the game, because it's not easy. Be sure to have a pen and paper and take notes to begin your journey in becoming a founder.

Best Ever Tweet:

When you first start your own company you don't know what you don't know, so just start.

Kevin Siskar Real Estate Background:

- Managing Director of the Founder Institute in New York; Helps entrepreneurs launch their startup companies
- Hosts the Ambition Today podcast interviewing ambitious startup founders and entrepreneurs
- He was named Best Startup Ecosystem Developer in FI's global network in 2016.
- Based in New York, NY
- Say hi to him at

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