Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF844: How to Trade Real Estate Experience for Business Development and GROW!

His mentor, a previous guest on the show, reached out to him and made a deal to trade his real estate experience for today's guest's business development skills and attributes. They make a great team building a creative lease-option real estate portfolio and have big plans for 2017, hear what they are!

Best Ever Tweet:

Once every individual masters their functions, the business flows effortlessly.

John Matthews Real Estate Background:

- President of Operations of PCI LLC, a real estate investing company
- After college, bought a ticket to NYC and for 9 years rose through the ranks in Financial Services
- Started foreign language school in NYC and grew to top 5 foreign language schools, still active today
- ‎Specializing in rehabs, rent to own and wholesaling
- Born and raised in Colorado
- Based in Chicago, Illinois
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: The One Thing by Gary Keller

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