Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF849: How to Leverage Brokers to Hustle for Deals

Brokers are gatekeepers to many deals whether they be single-family or multi family. Our guest love the multi family sector and has found clever ways to incentivize brokers, organize leads, and convert them over time. Hear how he did it and what he's doing now!

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Take care of your brokers and other real estate pros; don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Stash Geleszinski Real Estate Background:

- Managing Director at Capstone Apartment Partners
- Certified Commercial Investment Member
- Specializes in multi-family investment real estate in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Kentucky
- Involved in the syndication and disposition of thousands of apartment units worth more than $100M
- Based in Cincinnati, Ohio
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

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