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JF869: How to Jump into a PARTNERSHIP with NO MONEY

Napoleon Hill spoke of partnerships in his book Think and Grow Rich, and today we hear about another incredible partnership that took place utilizing the same principles. Our guest brought hard work and hustle to the table without a dime in his pocket and eventually became a partner. It took many hours, learning, and extreme hustle to accomplish this, but it can be done. Hear how he did it and how you can sit side-by-side by your next millionaire partner.

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Hard work may be the only value you bring right now, but it may be enough.

Coleman Nelson Real Estate Background:

- Co-Founder and Director of Finance and Administration of SNS Capital Group
- In 2 years went from 0 to 65 rental units, worth $3.6 million, with no money, while working a full-time job
- Previously worked for a big 4 accounting firm, with majority of his time working with one of its Fortune 25 clients
- Based in Cincinnati, Ohio
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

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