Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF875: Closing on 8th Property in a 1.5 Years WITH a Job!

You read the title correctly, she's closing on her eighth property in only a year and a half from reading just a blog on financial freedom through real estate. And yes, she is still working a job. It can be done, and here is how!

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Remember that financial freedom allows you to go and do what you want and how you want, and it's all up to you.

Sarah Pritchett Real Estate Background:

- Captain working for the Air Force as a Program Manager and Instructor, and independent real estate investor
- Specializes in single family buy and hold rentals
- Completed 8 deals; Four townhouses in FL, two condos in CO, duplex in MI
- Began real estate in 2015 after reading Mr. Money Mustache's blog
- Based in Denver, Colorado
- Say hi to her at
- Best Ever Book: Who Took My Money by Robert Kiyosaki

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