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JF887: METH Bust to BIG Cash Flow and How to Talk to Banks for Financing

Problems promote Solutions, and it was no different with our guest facing a big meth break out in a mobile home community which he purchased. Now he's cashing in big time charging lot rent, and he got banks to comply. Hear how he did it and what he told the men with the money.

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Cameron Skinner

-  Full time real estate investor and general contractor
-  Completed over 100 rental properties a mix of single family, multi-family, and commercial
-  Former Army Officer who served in Iraq in 2003, Awarded the Bronze Star
-  Former President Salvation Army Advisory Board
-  Licensed to practice as CPA and tax accountant
-  Based in Panama City, Florida
-  Say hi to him at 580-258-8888
-  Best Ever Book: The Book of Proverbs

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