Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Taking notes? That's okay if you're not, but you should at least buy notes! You'll hear all about it in this episode! Good debt, bad debt, whatever… Notes are extremely profitable and if purchased correctly, may be one of the most ideal passive wealth generators in investments.

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If you are not focused on one thing, you will be less effective attaining your goal.

Scott Carson Real Estate Background:

- CEO of and the creator of the Note Buying for Dummies workshop
- Purchased over half a billion dollars in distressed debt for his portfolio and assets in over 30 states
- Note Buying Workshop focuses on the 3 F’s of Note Buying…The Find, Fund and Flip
- Speaker on distressed debt, the 2014 Note Educator of the Year, and featured in The Wall Street Journal
- Active real estate investor since 2002 and solely focused on the note industry since 2008
- Based in Austin, Texas
- Say hi to him at

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