Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

With over 30 properties under his belt and starting at a young age while being a firefighter, our guest started his real estate career buying duplexes. He took the advice that was free from his friends and family and ended up paying a fortune in expenses, mistakes, etc. He talks about what his buying criteria is and a unique county hack when purchasing property.

Best Ever Tweet:

We can't make purchases off of feelings, we must make them off of numbers.

Jack Petrick Real Estate Background:

- Licensed real estate agent and full time real estate investor for over 15 years
- Currently have 32 buy and hold properties
- In the process of transitioning into commercial multi family deals
- Started building new homes, rehabbing, flipping
- Additionally he is a FireMedic at Strongsville Fire Department
- Based in Cleveland, Ohio
- Say hi to him at or 440-552-8483

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