Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

He likes to be lazy. Okay, he's not "lazy" per se, but he looks for the low hanging fruit through creative finance and "subject to" property takeover. He is also reliant on other markets to close wholesale deals. Hear how he is able to network with outside markets!

Best Ever Tweet:

We're in a market where we can make money by almost doing anything.

Paul Lizell Real Estate Background:

- Real Estate Investor, JP Homes, Inc.
- Virtual wholesale bank REO properties
- Wholesale between 30-50 deals a year and rehab between 5-10
- Started with fix and flips then went into wholesaling in 2009
- Over 16 years experience in real estate investing
- Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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