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She’s an investor and securities attorney, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about legal ramifications when your business isn’t setup correctly.  She has a four prong test for determining if you need to follow securities laws and file with the SEC. Jillian also explains why the SEC may not be your biggest problem if you’re not fully protected.


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Jillian Sidoti Real Estate Background:

  • Partner at Trowbridge Sidoti, LLP
  • Expert on money raising techniques for real estate companies
  • Speaks at seminars educating real estate investors on how to legally raise capital for investment projects
  • Prior to her legal career, Jillian owned and operated a record label enabling her to tour worldwide with artists
  • Based in Los Angeles, California
  • Say hi to her at
  • Best Ever Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Click here for a summary of Jillian's Best Ever advice: The 4-Pronged Test to Raise Money Legally and Avoid Fines, Lawsuits, and Jail Time


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