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For the first five years of his career he never did a project worth more than $100k. Eventually he mastered his craft and moved on to $1,000,000 plus projects. If you are an investor, you’re going to want to take notes on this one. And what in the heck is a Mirco-Mansion? If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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We’re all in this three dimensional art business, called housing.


Frank McKinney

  • Real Estate Artist, 5x Bestselling Author (in 4 genres)
  • Built oceanfront spec homes valued in tens of millions of dollars, shattering records with each new project
  • Started with a $50,000 fixer-upper home, and climbed all the way to a $50 million oceanfront mansion!
  • Just completed his new project, Micro-Mansion
  • Based in Del Ray Beach, Florida
  • Say hi to him at
  • Best Ever Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


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