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He has over three decades of residential property development, finance, and sales. After 2008 Bobby saw that banks were not able to lend on projects that previously had never been an issue. With capital drying up, he decided to pivot. He created Walnut Street Finance to provide capital to companies doing what he just pivoted from. Now his company is a full fledged private lender that understands the product (construction & development) better than most, which allows them to lend when a lot of others cannot. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“If things go south we have real collateral backing our investment” - Bobby Montagne


Bobby Montagne Real Estate Background:

- Three decades of experience in commercial and residential property development, finance, and sales

- Successfully overseen $15 billion in career transactions

- Among an elite class of private real estate lenders and delivered high-quality returns to partners and investors

- Between 2010-’15 was principal owner of WSD Capital, a real estate development firm that renovated and resold 185 classic row houses that generated $150M in revenue

- Based in Fairfax, Virginia

- Say hi to him at:

- Best Ever Book:Think and Grow Rich

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