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Kevin and his company can place CAD models anywhere on their platforms. In the example of the Sacramento Kings, they provided the CAD models to Aireal, who then placed the models in the exact spot the new stadium and retail centers were going to be. They were able to start leasing the spaces before the ever broke ground. To hear how technology like this can help you as an investor listen to this episode today! If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“In the past augmented reality had a negative stigma to it” - Sterling White


Kevin Hart Background:

- Founder and CEO of Aireal  

- Created the Patented Intellectual Property, and lead business operations  

- Aireal is an Augmented Reality platform that supports the placement of custom content (2D graphics, 3D graphics,

 Video & Interactive applications) based on predefined longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates

- Based in Dallas, Texas

- Say hi to him at:

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