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Jason was a practicing doctor who wanted more. He started investing in real estate by developing residential homes. That venture didn’t work out too well. Years of experience have taught him how to develop medical offices while being a full time physician. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“We learned our lesson in the first case and now I have a good general contractor” - Jason Blasenak


Jason Blasenak Background:

-CEO of Emergency Pavilions, LLC, a medical office development and holding company

-Their main focus is creating urgent care centers that also include other medical office developments attached

-Formally trained Emergency Medicine Physician with over 15 years experience

-Became interested real estate development 10 yrs ago, focus on residential construction building & flipping houses

-Has developed two 14,000 sq ft, multi-tenanted medical facilities with construction of a third currently in their portfolio

-In preliminary discussion with a regional hospital system as a consultant to spearhead development on  another urgent care property.

-Say hi to him at 864-991-6156

-Based in Greenville, South Carolina

-Best Ever Book: 7 Habits of HIghly Successful People



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