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Adding value can happen in many ways. Steven found a niche for himself in the 1980’s and has been designing high end interiors ever since then. Not only will he design a brand new interior, Steven goes above and beyond by furnishing with fine italian interiors, and many other small details that a lot of companies overlook. Hear why this is valuable for the investors that hire him. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“I believe that the greatest time to buy luxury condominium is to only purchase at pre-construction” - Steven Gurowitz


Steven Gurowitz Background:

-Started his own design firm, Interiors by Steven G in the early 1980s

-He has turned the company into the one of the country's largest high end interior design companies in Miami

-Has created interior design projects for commercial, residential and hotels

-Has two showrooms in South Florida with more than 80 employees and clients all over the world.

-Say hi to him at

-Based in Miami, Florida

-Best Ever Book: The Art of the War



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