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Tamar got her start in real estate with single family homes. Along the way, she realized that reaching her passive income goal was going to be challenging with single family homes. That’s when she bought a gym equipment business and started syndicating properties. Now with 3 syndications under her belt, Tamar shares her story with us and her best lessons learned along the way. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“Be decisive about what you want to accomplish” - Tamar Mar


Tamar Mar Real Estate Background:

-Business Investor, Multifamily Investor controlling over $6 million worth of real estate assets

-Invested in over 500 units of Multifamily

-Host of the Investing for Life Podcast

-Spent 20 years in the startup arena as COO for prominent companies in FinTech and real estate brokerage

-This year, Tamar has shifted her focus to the acquisition of underperforming commercial and multi-family.

-Say hi to her at

-Based in Mercer Island, Washington

-Best Ever Book: Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill



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