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Camberly wanted to know everything about Facebook Live once it launched. As a Facebook marketer since 2007, she knew that Facebook live was going to be huge. Now she helps others market on Facebook via Facebook live. Get some fantastic tips from a Facebook expert in this episode! If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“I use my Facebook Live as a starting point for my conversation” - Camberly Woods


Camberley Woods Background:

  • Runs an online marketing agency specializing in content marketing, social media, & Facebook advertising
  • When Facebook Live launched in 2016, decided she wanted to learn everything she could about this tool
  • She teaches people how to grow their influence & sale their products/services using Facebook Live.
  • In two short years, she grew her agency to multiple 6 figures & never spent a dime on paid advertisements
  • Based in Mesa, Arizona
  • Say hi to her at

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