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Allison has always been an entrepreneur, with her first business being a pet sitter at 9 years old. After different entrepreneurial ventures, Allison had a desk job, was making great money but was not fulfilled. She went back to being an entrepreneur and got into real estate investing. She got her first private investor at age 22 who invested $100k in her very first self storage deal. Allison has a ton of information to share with us today about being an entrepreneur and self storage investing. From raising money to managing the assets, there is something for everyone in this episode. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“The people that tend to go against the grain in any industry, they tend to be the people that have expertise that nobody else knows” - Allison Kirschbaum


Allison Kirschbaum Real Estate Background:

  • CEO of Luo Media Group, providing targeted marketing services for real estate private equity funds
  • Success Obsessive with 16 years of sales, marketing and business expertise
  • Master of capital-raising for new investors and rapidly scaling RE businesses through effective systems
  • Based in Denver, Colorado
  • Say hi to her at
  • Best Ever Book: Three Feet from Gold


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