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Yonah is a cost segregation expert. Loyal Best Ever Listeners have heard about cost segregation on the show before, so today we are diving in deeper. We’re going past the basic nuts & bolts of cost segregation and into the nitty gritty details that we have not covered on the show before, including how the new tax code relates to cost segregation. You’ll be quite surprised at how many different parts of a building can qualify for accelerated depreciation. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“You have to hang around people who have been doing it and learn from people who have experience” - Yonah Weiss


Yonah Weiss Real Estate Background:

-Business Director at a national cost segregation leader, Madison SPECS

-Has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation

-Generated over 70M in loans in his first year of work at a small financing company.

-Got his broker’s license and went from agent to partner within 6 months

-Based in Lakewood, New Jersey

- Say hi to him at

- Best Ever Book: As Long As I Live


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