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Thomas has been a commercial broker who specializes in multifamily for years now. One of the first things we dive into is how a newbie investor can win over an apartment broker. From offering to pay for your broker’s time to knowing the market like the back of your hand, and more secrets revealed in this episode. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“Make small mistakes” - Thomas T Furlow


Thomas “T” Furlow

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker - ‎Deaton Investment Real Estate, Inc.
  • Has a diversified real estate background and has been a multi-family broker for more than 10 years
  • Handles operations and general brokerage duties, working with sellers to market their properties for sale
  • Consults investors on buying decisions
  • Based in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Say hi to him at
  • Best Ever Book:The Bible and Halftime by Bob Buford


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