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Rich and his team oversee the industrial commercial division of Avistone’s capital market operations. They love what they call “flex space”. Warehouses with offices in the front and industrial operations in the back, and a lot of small businesses operating in them. Another big advantage to the industrial space is the leases are short term (3-5 years) and allows them to add value over time. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“When it comes to income producing properties, I would say the best adage is cashflow, cash flow, cash flow.” - Rich Kent


Rich Kent Real Estate Background:

  • Oversees Avistone’s capital markets operations
  • More than 30 years of experience in financial services, real estate investment, and capital markets
  • Completed transactions in commercial properties valued at more than $2 billion
  • Based in Laguna Niguel, CA
  • Say hi to him at
  • Best Ever Book: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse


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