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Sam and Eric are partners and working together to grow their own real estate investing business - by helping other investors also grow theirs. If you’re trying to grow your own portfolio, they have an opportunity for you. You can passively invest in vacation rentals in Columbia with their company. They also chronicle their adventures on their popular YouTube channel: If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“Providing new opportunities for our investors, but also providing new locations for our travelers and guests to experience” - Eric Berman


Eric Berman & Sam Miller Real Estate Backgrounds:

  • Both work to scale and grow their company Lifeafar, which is a collective of visionaries, business experts, and adventurers
  • They are using their success to show how a new lifestyle and investment abroad can work
  • Eric serves as the CIO, he has advised a wide array of lenders and developers on over $2B USD of mixed-use real estate and hotel transactions
  • Sam fled the 9-5 in 2009 when he took off on motorcycle across the Americas
  • Currently Sam is chronicling travel, lifestyle, real estate and investing in Colombia for Lifeafar
  • Based in Columbia
  • Say hi to them at
  • Their YouTube Channel:
  • Best Ever Books: War of Art


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Best Ever Listeners:

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