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Ah, the perpetual vacation, the motivation for a lot of beginning investors and experienced investors to build a large real estate portfolio. One problem: you can have all the properties in the world, but if you’re the only reliable worker, that’s not much more than a very time consuming JOB. How do we change this or scale a business with our time in mind from the beginning so that we can reach our goals of having free time to do as we wish? Sarah Noked is here to answer that for us today. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!

Best Ever Tweet:

“There is such a wealth of talent in the online space, it’s amazing how entrepreneurs are leveraging that in their businesses” - Sarah Noked

Sarah Noked Real Estate Background:

  • A Certified Online Business Manager, putting systems in place for businesses to scale
  • One of just 3 worldwide Certified OBM® (Online Business Manager) Trainers
  • Based in: Haifa Area, Israel
  • Say hi to her at

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