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Judah is joining us as a very accomplished Vice President for a huge lender that we’ve probably all heard of, Greystone. Not only does Judah deliver amazing value today with the knowledge of the HUD 223F loan, but he’s also demonstrating his mindset that has helped him succeed at such a high level. You’ll hear Judah’s stutter in this episode, which is part of his story of overcoming his stuttering and putting himself in uncomfortable positions (like doing this podcast) a great episode that everyone can learn something from. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!

Best Ever Tweet:

“One other catch, HUD only allows for bi-annual distribution. If you’re syndicating, you’d only be able to pay your investors twice per year” - Judah Rosenberg

Judah Rosenberg Real Estate Background:

  • Vice President Greystone, a national commercial real estate lending, investment, and advisory company.
  • Greystone’s affiliated businesses include a $32 billion loan servicing portfolio, $2 billion in completed property development projects, and a portfolio of over 8,000 affordable housing rental units and 3,000 skilled nursing beds.
  • Based in New York, NY
  • Say hi to him at or 917.204.8854 or

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