Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Fourth-generation farmer, Brandon Silveira, could never see himself venturing too far off from his roots. He focuses on acquiring a variety of farmland, especially through his crowd-funding website, FarmFundr. Listen to this episode to hear Brandon explain everything you need to know about passively investing in farmland. 

Brandon Silveira Real Estate Background:

  • Fourth-generation farmer and real estate investor who has bought and sold millions in real estate
  • Currently manages over $100 million in assets
  • Specialty is in farm management, land acquisition and a variety of farm and land financing and strategies
  • His passion is to bridge the gap between the farmland and investors
  • Based in Fresno, CA
  • Say hi to him at 

Best Ever Tweet:

“You expect a certain amount of return on your capital - say 15% - you may not hit that number, you may only do 2%, you may only do 3%, but if you’re doing your job right you should never lose money on that deal.” - Brandon Silveira


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