Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Ken is a business owner who started out as a land broker and in 2008 he quickly learned how to adapt due to the economic downturn. Fast Forward to today and now he has developed a successful app called Legacy of Love, an app that helps connect kids with their parents. Ken also shares a story on how he went from purchasing a shopping center and searching for tenants to creating his own tenant. 

Ken Wimberly Real Estate Background:

  • Founder and visionary behind Legacy of Love, LLC.
  • Entrepreneur and real estate investor, has 16 streams of passive income and 4 streams of active income
  • Based in Fort Worth, Texas 
  • Say hi to him at 
  • Best Ever Book: The Obstacle is the Way 

Best Ever Tweet:

“Whether it’s a client, customers, tenants, your partners, your lenders, if we can figure out how to be a significant source of value to others life rewards us.” - Ken Wimberly

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