Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Beth is a real estate broker and an investor who owns 9 properties. She got into real estate investing in 2002 and later in life married her Husband who also had a few properties of his own. Beth shares some insight on how investors should reach out when looking to work with real estate brokers to find the best deals. She shares how important it is for real estate brokers to pay attention to the inventory and constantly be up to date to find the best deals and instead of always handing them off, take advantage of them.

Beth Traverso Real Estate Background:

  • Real estate investor and broker, owns 9 investment properties in the Seattle area
  • Her team is projected to sell $67,000,000 in volume this year
  • Based in Seattle, WA
  • Say hi to her at 
  • Best Ever Book: The Compound Effect

Best Ever Tweet:

“The main thing is for people just to believe they can do it, give themselves some credit to being able to handle challenges and be able to learn from others so they can better yet avoid those challenges.” - Beth Traverso

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