Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Leslie grew up around entrepreneurship and investing in real estate. Her family invested in real estate when she was growing up, and she and her brother had to clean the houses and paint them. Joe and Leslie discuss how and what she plans to do with her family when she passes the torch to her son and she shares the six steps from her book Legacy “A guide to successfully transferring wealth from one generation to the next.” 

Leslie Quinsay Real Estate Background:

  • Has a real estate portfolio of around 30 properties, with experience in both commercial and residential
  • Previously owned and sold a 30,000 sq. ft. office building
  • Based in Toronto, Canada
  • Get her book at 
  • Say hi to her at

Best Ever Tweet:

"At the end of the day your role is to be the captain of this team, so you pull all these experts together, but it's really up to you to guide the team and make sure that the things they put together are things you want for your family." Leslie Quinsay

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