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Erik is a part-time real estate investor who began in single-family rentals in 2012, and since then he has bought 12 homes and is involved in multiple limited partnership deals and has a portfolio of $1.7M.  Erik has been able to leave his W-2 by being a part-time investor and has continued to be a part-time investor because he has recently traveled the world with his family. He shares with you what you should be asking yourself when it comes to leaving your W-2. 


Erik Schaumann Real Estate Background:

  • Part-time real estate investor
  • Began investing in single-family home rentals in 2012 while he was living overseas in Brunei, working for Shell Oil Company
  • Over his investing career, he has bought 12 homes and sold 3
  • Is currently invested in multiple LP syndication deals with over $1.7 million in AUM
  • Because of his REI passive cash flow, he was able to retire from his oil company job after 20 years and travel the world with his wife and 6 children
  • Based in Orem, Utah
  • Say hi at and www.8suitcases
  • Best Ever Book: 5am Revolution  

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Be realistic in what you are going to need, what's that final number? Be realistic, don’t overshoot it because if you leave your job there are always ways to make money” - Erik Schaumann

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