Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Victor and his wife both started off in the medical field and started to feel burned out after working 70hr work weeks for 5 years. They both decided to leave their jobs to go backpacking and upon their return, they decided to purchase their first home and discovered it would need a lot of work. This started their journey into real estate investing, and now they have a business with 17 investors. 


Victor Leite Real Estate Background:

  • Entrepreneur and investor who owns multiple rental properties
  • Portfolio of rentals includes a mix of single family homes and multifamily properties
  • Manages a high volume Fix & Flip investment group, they successfully completed over 100 rehab projects in 2019 - mostly with funds from private individuals
  • Based in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Say hi to him at 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Difficult roads often lead you to beautiful destinations.” - Victor Leite

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