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Scott is the founder of CODA Management Group with experience in architectural design and development. Scott shares his journey in real estate and the reasons he determined to shift towards self-storage and now he owns a self-storage space that is now a national park location. He shares how he was able to get his building under the national park registrar. 

Scott Krone Real Estate Background:

  • Founder of CODA Management 
  • Has 25 years of development and design building experience
  • Portfolio consists of over 47 syndications, and 400,000 sq. ft with 2,750 storage units under management
  • Based in Wilmette, IL
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  • Best Ever Book: 




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Best Ever Tweet:

“Simplicity of product, we took the Henry Ford model, “you can have any color car you want as long as its black” - Scott Krone

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