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Bryan is a former real estate builder/developer and is now working with Multifamily Risk Advisors insuring units across the country. He was a previous guest on episode JF1595  and In today’s episode Bryan will be sharing info on how insurance rates are rising at historical levels and the rates are killing many new deals and hammering the profitability of existing assets at renewal. He will also discuss effective strategies to navigate the insurance market.

Bryan Shimeall  Real Estate Background:

  • Former real estate builder/developer
  • Joined Multifamily Risk Advisors 6 years ago; they insure about 200k units across the country
  • Based in Gainesville, FL
  • Say hi to him at:   




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Best Ever Tweet:

“Losses, roof, and wiring, if those three things are positive I can get any property written pretty quickly ” - Bryan Shimeall

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