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Jamie is a part-time real estate investor and works part-time in the U.S Defense Department. He currently has a portfolio of 8 rentals and over 20 mortgage notes. Jamie started off as a coach and after some time he decided to work for a mortgage broker where he saw some shady things happening so he decided to quit his job and join the military. Now he is focusing on his own real estate business while working for the U.S Defense Department.


Jamie Bateman Real Estate Background:

  • Part-time real estate investor and part-time in the U.S Defense Department
  • Has over a decade of experience in single-family rentals and 2 years in mortgage notes
  • Portfolio consist of 8 rentals and over 20 mortgage notes
  • Based in Baltimore County, MD
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  • Best Ever Book: Wealthy Gardener


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Best Ever Tweet:

“One of the benefits from note investing is you have collateral” - Jamie Bateman

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