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Brad Smotherman is a full-time real estate investor with a 7-figure flipping business and 11 years of experience. He started as a realtor at 17 years old after finishing highschool and he saw how the successful realtors started to struggle after the 2008 crash and he quickly decided that he did want to deal with that himself in the future when he was near retirement so he decided to pivot to focus on investments. His long term goal is to become the bank and own all of his properties on paper through owner financing.


Brad Smotherman Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time real estate investor who owns a 7-figure flipping business
  • 11 years of real estate investing experience
  • He’s completed 550 transactions focusing on flipping
  • Based in Nashville, TN
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  • Best Ever Book: 12 Rules of Life 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Focus on your mindset first to make sure you are ready and willing to pay the cost of success” - Brad Smotherman

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