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Alina is a returned guest from episode JF1750 and today we decided to bring her back to discuss and share her advice on thought leadership. She shares the steps she advices people on how to begin to build their credibility and presence so that eventually they can speak at public events and conferences. There are many benefits of public speaking and thought leadership, one for example is the “prestige” presence you will have when approaching deals and discussions of negotiations. You will also learn how to speak with more confidence to present your ideas across your potential buyer or seller.

Alina Trigub Real Estate Background:

  • Founder and Managing Partner of SAMO Financial, a boutique equity firm
  • Help clients over 1,200 doors, over 500 storage units and a $10M mobile home park fund 
  • Works with high earners to passively invest in real estate
  • Based in NYC, NY
  • Say hi to her at 
  • Best Ever Book: Compound Effect by Darren Hardy 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Speaking on podcasts has helped me book speaking engagements on the big stage” - Alina Trigub

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