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Vahan Yepremyan is a business attorney, speaker, author, serial entrepreneur, and children’s rights activist. Vahan has spoken around the world on topics like achieving entrepreneurial success by removing the beliefs that block us, business fundamentals, and other entrepreneur topics. He was the winner of the Business Freedom Speaking Academy Idol held in Calgary, Canada, where he competed with speakers from around the world.

Vahan Yepremyan Real Estate Background:

  • Vahan is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in law firms, film production, distribution company, & real estate investments
  • Has been a entrepreneur for over 22 years
  • His real estate developing company focuses on buy/hold, flipping, and hard money loans
  • Based in Los Angeles, CA
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Best Ever Tweet:

“Getting rid of beliefs will not ensure that you will be a successful investor, what it does is it gives you the freedom to choose” - Vahan Yepremyan

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