Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Holly is a returning guest from episode JF1600. She has been investing in real estate for the past two decades with multiple properties in New York, Texas, Mississippi, and the Carolinas. She also started syndications during the same time Joe Fairless did and in fact, was one of Joe's first investors. Today Holly is going to be sharing with all of us some insights on her new book called “Hidden Investing - Secrets that the top 1% know”. 


Holly Williams Real Estate Background:

  • Spent 25 years in advertising as an executive while slowly dabbling in real estate
  • 2 decades of real estate investing experience
  • Portfolio consist of properties in New York, Texas, and Mississippi, Carolinas
  • Based in New York City
  • Say hi to her at: 




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Best Ever Tweet:

“Multifamily syndications, has grown beyond my wildest dreams, and it's changed my life ” - Holly Williams

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