Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Stefan has been a financial engineer for 10 years. Now he uses financial engineering knowledge in the real estate market.

His data analytics company, Envvy, helps real estate investors find market inefficiencies and high margin opportunities. Many investors focus on demographics, taking into account population growth and job growth, yet many seem to overlook the local real estate market’s historical pricing. If the market is overvalued the way many were in 2007, the investments can be susceptible to a dramatic price drop.

Stefan Tsvetkov  Real Estate Background: 

  • Financial Engineer for 10 years 
  • 3 years of multifamily investing experience
  • The portfolio consists of a 3-unit & 4-unit property in NJ and a duplex in NY
  • Based in New Jersey
  • Say hi to him at: 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Markets that are undervalued could perform really well afterward” - Stefan Tsvetkov.

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