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Jorge is a returned guest who was previously on episode JF1342. Jorge owned about 4000 apartments across the country and a natural disaster happened and caused him to lose everything he had and put him millions of dollars in debt. Then in 2008 when he saw that many Americans were losing their homes he decided to create a company that could help them by buying mortgages from banks in pools. Today he will share what a PreREO is and why he focuses on this.

Jorge Newbery Real Estate Background:

  • CEO of preREO LLC, AHP servicing LLC, and a partner in Activist Legal LLP
  • 30 years of real estate experience
  • A previous guest on episode JF1342
  • Portfolio consist of 10,000 purchased defaulted mortgages, owned 4,000+ multifamily units, and brokered thousands of properties
  • Based in Chicago, IL
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Best Ever Tweet:

“Local investors have advantages because they can see the work that is needed and typically have a local team they know and trust” - Jorge Newbery

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