Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Austin and Loe are partners in Good Horn Capital with a focus on “Build to Rent” developments. Loe’s background is in assisted living and memory care while Austin is a full-time real estate developer. Together they have been tackling their new venture and today they will be sharing it with you.

Austin Good and Loe Hornbuckle  Real Estate Background:

  • Partners in Good Horn Capital
  • Loe is CEO and Founder of Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care
  • Austin is a Real Estate Developer
  • Loe was on episode JF1674
  • 89-unit, $20 million townhouse development
  • Both are based in Dallas, Tx
  • Say hi to him at 



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Best Ever Tweet:

“You have multiple exit strategies with build to rent communities” - Austin Good

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