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Jim Monk is the founder of Clozzits which he started up after reviewing needs in the multi-family industry for optimized closet space. His goal is to differentiate beyond the normal amenities and tap into a new area of construction development, renovations, and property management. Jim has 2 years of experience in multifamily ownership with 623 units himself but his primary focus has been bringing superior closets to billion-dollar multifamily companies

Jim Monk Real Estate Background: 

  • Founder of Clozzits, Clozzits is dedicated to increasing NOI & overall asset value resulting in immediate rent increase at an average of 2-5% 
  • 2 years experience in multifamily ownership with 623 units 
  • His current focus is optimizing closet space for multifamily companies
  • Based in Dallas, TX
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Blitz Scaling





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“Trust your team” - Jim Monk

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