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Lindsey Meringer and Amanda Schneider are the power couple of the month with Lindsey being a green beret and an operator in the 10th special forces group, and Amanda was also in the military and later decided to become a full-time real estate agent. They began their journey into the world of real estate in 2016 and currently have a portfolio of 5 single-family rentals, a triplex, and working on growing their portfolio even more.

Lindsey Meringer & Amanda Schneider Real Estate Background:

  • Lindsey is an operator in the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), a green beret
  • Amanda is a full-time real estate agent
  • They started their real estate journey in 2016
  • Portfolio consists of 5 single-family rentals, a Triplex, and currently working on a duplex to turn into a 5 unit
  • They have added 11 doors in the past 12 months with 14 overall with the goal of reaching 20 by end of 2020
  • Based in Colorado Springs, CO
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  • Best Ever Book: The One Thing




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“Both mentorship and your community is important.” - Lindsey Meringer & Amanda Schneider

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