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Like many other real estate investors, Mike started his journey at a corporate 9 to 5 job. His buddy suggested branching out and becoming a landlord. Since then, has Mike grown his portfolio and has now become a property manager. Most of his properties were built before the 1940s, and few construction companies in the area could handle that kind of work. That’s why he opened his own construction company. He now has a nice cash flow coming from these adjacent fields, and his companies are working in synchrony with each other.

Mike Bonadies  Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time landlord and owner of Side By Side MRO, a construction company that specializes in pre-1940 construction & property preservation
  • Co-owns TerraVestra Property Management
  • 5 years of construction experience 
  • His personal portfolio consists of 25 units 
  • TerraVestra manages 250 doors, and his construction company works with 600 rental units
  • Based in Sewell, NJ
  • Say hi to him at 



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Best Ever Tweet:

“The system includes more problem-solving in pre-1940s construction.” - Mike Bonadies.

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