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Darrah used to be an entrepreneur who built businesses thinking that bigger was better and more was the way to go. Over time, the four companies she has built took over her life, and Darrah hit the burnout phase.

She restructured her businesses and her life in order to spend more time traveling and learning. That’s how she got into mentorship and coaching, helping other entrepreneurs and investors who are at a burnout point find their passion again.


Darrah Brustein Real Estate Background: 

  • Founder of four businesses; Equitable Payments, Network Under 40, Network Over 40, & Mind Your Business Accelerator
  • Author of “Finance Whiz Kids”
  • Prolific writer & interviewer for Forbes & other outlets working with Shaq, Seth Godin, Bobbie Brown & many more
  • Her mission is to connect people to the resources they need to elevate what they do.
  • Based in Atlanta, GA 
  • Say hi to her at: 
  • Previous guest on JF151



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Best Ever Tweet:

“We don’t know when it’s enough and why we’re building it in the first place.” - Darrah Brustein.

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