Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Lauren started working in real estate right out of college. Her journey began in a corporate environment, and she was mostly dealing with commercial properties. Once she had a child, Lauren decided to leave her job and work for herself. At the time, her brother was flipping houses, and he offered her to join the business. In 2016, she started looking for properties outside of the competitive southern California market in order to expand her business. Now, Lauren has a coaching program for those who’d like to go virtual and reach markets all over the country regardless of where they live.

Lauren Hardy Real Estate Background:

  • Real estate investor, coach, and host of wholesaling Inc. Podcast
  • Over 10 years of real estate experience
  • Has invested in 100s of properties, including developing spec houses, and flips
  • Based in Orange, CA
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Best Ever Tweet:

“Flipping the house opened up a lot of ways that you could get ripped off by contractors” - Lauren Hardy.

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