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John’s background is in engineering. In the 1990s, he took his engineering degree to get a job in the finance sector. Later, he joined the New York Stock Exchange. Transitioning into real estate was an easy choice after he flipped his primary residence that was purchased back in the 1990s.

His focus is now on multifamily syndications. He knew that it was a big jump in terms of capital required to run that business, so he started looking for a mentor and a team.

John C Paniagua  Real Estate Background:

  • Works at the NYSE full-time in regulatory technology software development
  • 3 years as a flipper and 1 year as a GP/LP in 3 multifamily syndications
  • Portfolio consists of 3 syndications 
  • Based in Rego Park, NY
  • Say hi to him at: 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“When you build a team, you definitely want to not supplement each other but complement each other” - John C Paniagua

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