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Karen spent over 25 years in the traditional investment business. Her specialty was helping clients with fixed income. Since interest rates have plummeted in the past decade, Karen started looking for new investment opportunities for her clients. That’s why she left the traditional business and turned to the real estate market.

She started with single-family properties. But since her focus was on helping people mitigate risk, she went on to pursue multifamily property investment. She had the right skill set, so the transition was easy.

Karen Oeser Real Estate Background:

  • She left 25 years of traditional investing experience to pursue real estate
  • Have been investing in single-family for a few years and recently transitioned into multifamily
  • Portfolio consist of 3 single-family rentals and seeking new multifamily deals
  • Based in Greenville, SC
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  • Best Ever Book: Hidden Investing - Holly Williams

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“I started with single-family, and that is a really great way to get your toe in the water ” - Karen Oeser.

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