Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Lauren Cohen loves real estate and fills many shoes. She’s an international lawyer, real estate investor, and a coach. She also has a non-profit organization that helps single moms invest in real estate. 

She often works with first-time investors, introducing them to the world of real estate and helping them form a new passive income stream. At the same time, she also works with experienced investors, helping them buy properties not only in their countries but also across borders.

Lauren Cohen  Real Estate Background:

  • Serial entrepreneur, international lawyer, realtor, and cross-border expert
  • 15 years of real estate experience
  • Experience with flips, wholesaling, rentals, and subject-to on hundreds of properties
  • Based in Boca Raton, FL
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  • Best Ever Book: Take control of your life




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Best Ever Tweet:

“You have to unpack the package and look at what is right there in front of you” - Lauren Cohen.

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